Things You Need To Know About Impact Windows and Doors In Broward

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All Broward Homeowners Should Know These Things About Impact Windows and Doors in Florida.

Broward County, Florida encountered its last hurricane in 2015 and remained a high-risk zone, having experienced 88 storms over the previous 91 years. Installing impact doors and windows in Broward is necessary and serves as an emergency preparedness measure.

Why are Impact Doors and Windows Important?

Unlike standard doors that will give in to hurricanes and storms, impact doors undergo rigorous testing during their design and manufacture. Impact doors and windows can withstand projectiles; hence their installation guarantees 24-hour insulation from storms. Therefore, they are suitable for hurricane-prone areas, like Dade and Broward County.

We examine the benefits of impact doors and windows.

  • Noise Reduction

Wherever you could be living, say near the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport in Broward, or next to neighbors who party till late night, impact doors and windows act as a partial sound-proofing medium. They block out external noise by reducing it to a great extent.

  • Aesthetic Appeal

Impact doors and windows do not require you to draw shutters over openings in your home during every storm. Consequently, you get to enjoy the better interior of your home by maintaining curb appeal without sacrificing to have shutters.

  • Saving on Energy

Depending on your installation, impact windows and doors help to reduce your energy consumption by at least 10%. Standard doors and windows allow heat loss from the room during winter and warmth during summer.

The improvements in impact doors  and windows include low emissivity coatings, laminated glass for insulation, and improved frames, all of which make them energy efficient. Your home stays warm in winter and cool in summer, resulting in lower electricity bills, maintenance, and repair costs.

  • Filtering UV rays

UV rays from the sun can be harmful to human beings and cause the loss of color on interior surfaces. Impact windows and doors have a low emissivity coating that helps to reduce the radiation that comes through them from the sun. This quality protects you, your family, and your furniture.

  • Insurance Discounts

Provided that your home in Broward County has all the openings installed with impact doors and windows, you qualify for insurance savings. To qualify, you approach a qualified home inspector to fill out the Wind Mitigation Application, which you submit to your insurance company for a discount.

  • 24 Hour Protection

Impact windows and doors offer built-in protection and give you security and peace of mind. Once installed, you do not require to do anything more. Traditional shutters and panels need you to schedule their installation and store them after storms. They take a lot of time. If you step out of the home with impact doors, a storm will never get you off-guard.

  • Burglar Proofing

The shutter-proof membrane of the impact windows and doors shields your home against projectiles during hurricanes. With it being of such remarkable resilience, it burglar-proofs your home as thugs cannot break in through the impact windows or doors.

Bottom Line

Shutter-proof, durable, energy-efficient impact doors are effective against intense storms in Broward compared to standard windows and doors.  The decision to install them is an excellent long-term investment, factoring in their additional benefits.


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