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November 10, 2021by windowsanddoorsonline0

Impact windows mix impact-resistant glasses that have advanced low-emissivity coatings with heavy-duty frames. These windows are created to endure impact from various objects and high winds, which protects them from shatter, even in instances where there are direct blows.

The best impact windows for 2022 are helpful to Floridians living in Southern and Coastal areas that are always prone to high winds and hurricanes. These windows are a good investment in protecting houses, making them safe; they protect both the outside and inside of the houses by eliminating or reducing damage resulting from flying debris when there are high winds.

We’re your Florida impact windows/hurricane windows provider. We also offer impact/hurricane doors, roof replacement/new roof, and solar roofing. We offer superior and high-quality windows for people living in Florida’s Coastal regions. We service Palm Beach, Broward, Miami, and the larger Florida.

Our impact windows come with a lifetime warranty and we pride ourselves in offering discounts from time to time to our clients. We only supply high quality impact windows in Florida, ensuring that you are safe when hurricanes come.

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How are our Impact Windows Different from Regular Windows?

If you live in Coastal in areas in Florida and your house has regular windows, hurricanes can shatter these windows and make it unsafe for you and your family. The best impact windows for 2022 leave your house unaffected and they even improve its appearance because of their beautiful designs. Our hurricane windows are made using strong glass materials that can’t be affected even by strong and high winds.

We only offer the best quality impact windows and have a team of professionals who take the windows’ installation very seriously. We have installed impact windows, solar roofing, hurricane doors, and new roofs to several customers in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami. All our clients can attest that our installation services and products are the best in the entire Florida.

Our company has been in business for several years and our work and products speak for us! Our customer care team is available 24/7 to take your orders and address your concerns, even if it’s an emergency. Our aim is to offer excellent services that are geared towards satisfying our clients by keeping them safe. Additionally, our installation team undergoes various trainings to ensure that they’re in the know how about the current trends in the construction industry.

Our hurricane windows and impact doors are energy efficient and upgrade your home’s general outlook. The impact windows undergo rigorous tests following criteria including:

  • Impact resistance
  • Flying debris
  • Wind resistance
  • Forced entry
  • Water resistance
  • Air infiltration
  • 9,000 external/internal pressure rotations

This type of cycles feigns bashing effects of hurricane winds after windows have been typically broken and impacted. The aim of carrying out these rigorous tests is to ensure that the products are resistant to hurricane winds. Windows are one of the weakest points in a structure, but our quality hurricane windows aren’t compromised in hurricanes.

Non-impact windows haven’t met the outlined criteria above and building codes for hurricanes set by the Florida state.

If you are looking for quality impact windows with lifetime warranties and professional installation services in Palm Beach, Broward, Miami, and throughout the entire State of Florida, we are the company for you!


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