Why Is It Important to Use Impact Windows and Doors in South Florida

Impact windows and doors can help to ensure that your home remains dry and habitable during a storm in South Florida. More than 41% of hurricanes that make landfall in the United States make some type of landfall in Florida. In addition, Florida has been affected by more than twice as many hurricanes as Texas, the next closest hurricane-prone state.

What are Impact Windows and Doors?

Impact windows and doors are different from standard doors in that they are reinforced to keep at bay impact from very severe winds, wind-borne debris during hurricanes, and heavy rain.

South Florida has elaborate and strict codes and requirements for installing impact windows and doors, as it has a history of 88 ruinous hurricanes. Coastal areas must have shutters or impact doors and windows. These regulations and codes have been proven to reduce the damage incurred from Storms.

How to Choose the Right Impact Windows and Doors

Impact doors should be installed with an equally high impact frame for anchoring. For an impact door or window to be reliable during a storm, it should have;

Durable material

Thick gauge aluminum or thick fiberglass paired with composite reinforcements and wood boosts durability and withstand scratches and dents. Aluminum helps shield water from getting into the home, simultaneously acting as an air conditioning medium. Aluminum does not rust over time, as its reactivity is relatively low.

On the other hand, fiberglass gives an excellent finishing while withstanding periodic impact without much wear or tear.

Ability to Customize

An impact door or window is meant to protect you but should complement the rest of the house. Therefore, you should look out for impact windows and doors with features that can be customized in terms of color, material, and finishing.


Impact doors and windows undergo testing with set procedures for low-impact and high-impact projectiles. Passing the test means that they are burglar-proof as they can withstand impact from attempted break-ins. Impact doors and windows are made from glass that does not shatter, ensuring security.

Handles and Locks

While selecting a lock for your impact door, go for a safety lock that cannot be breached easily. For example, you can go for multipoint locks like the sentinel 3 point lock system. A handle with aesthetic appeal should accompany the safety lock to complement the door without sacrificing curb appeal.

Compliance with Local Code

To ensure you procure durable doors, you should check that they have undergone impact resistance and slamming tests. They should have a Broward Notice of Acceptance to show that they are certified within the building codes of Florida.

Energy Efficiency

Impact doors and windows help prevent heat loss from your house during summer and preserve a colder atmosphere than the outside during winter. They allow you to save on energy bills. Their air conditioning function is due to an insulated impact glass layer, which you should look for when selecting an impact window or door.

Bottom Line

Impact doors fortify your Broward County home and have proven to be reliable in mitigating the effects of hurricanes. You can customize them to match your home as you enjoy their benefits.


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