Reasons Why You Should Use Impact Windows And Doors In Miami

Based on history, Miami has a 16% chance of encountering the aftermath of fierce storms every year. A storm will pass within 50 miles of Miami’s metropolitan every six to eight years, causing significant property damage. Hurricane Andrew, the last major hurricane in Miami in 1992, cost $26.5 billion in massive property damage.

Impact windows and doors withstand adverse tropical weather, offering high-quality structural protection to buildings in case of hurricanes.

How to install impact windows and Doors

Quality installation of impact doors and windows prevents infiltration of water, which can cause toxic molding to walls and damage floors. Bad installations make your property prone to hurricane conditions.

We examine the process to install impact doors and windows professionally.

#1 Identify a licensed and Insured Contractor

Knowing local building codes and requirements helps you choose a well licensed, equipped, and insured company to perform the complex alterations and installations involved with impact windows and doors.

The contractor will process the permit for installation from the municipality on your behalf. Permit procedure involves filling the application and submitting it for approval, which takes up to 30 days for residential, up to 60 days for commercial, and final inspection by the municipality.

#2 Select the Design and Layout

Different homes and buildings have different needs within varying budgets. For instance, you can prefer impact doors and windows with an architectural appeal or simple and low-maintenance impact-resistant doors and windows.

You could consider French doors, Casement windows, sliding doors, all of which combine several features to insulate your home. Your contractor can help you select ideal impact doors and windows for your needs and budget.

#3 Plan To Clean Up After The Contractor

Installing impact windows and doors can be pretty intrusive. A lot of dust comes as residue from removing the stucco around the perimeter of the window to water-proof the final installation and from drilling holes to mount the new windows.

You cannot avoid the dust. To protect the interior, you can move furniture away from doors and windows and cover it with dust-resistant plastic during the installation. Upon job completion, you must clean up to remove the debris. Some companies, however, include cleaning in their service.

#4 Building Inspection

In Miami, impact windows and doors must be inspected to ensure the installation aligns with the Notice of Acceptance and the Florida Building Code. Inspection is done before the electrical work or framing of the project is concealed.

Ensure this inspection is done by a building inspector within your municipality, liaising with your impact door and window installation company.

Bottom Line

Depending on the grade installed, impact doors and windows protect your home or business from the fiercest storms. In addition to insulation from hurricanes, the installations come along with insurance discounts, burglar proofing, reduced energy costs, UV-ray protection, and noise reduction.

Impact doors and windows are a superb investment for homeowners who want to enhance the overall value of their property.

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