Newbie Guide to Impact Windows and Doors in Broward

Broward county is located in the eastern state of Florida, the state of United States. It was found on April 30, 1915. In 1915, both Palm Beach County and Miami County give equal portions of land to make Broward County. The Broward County is the house of approximately 1,966,120 people. It is one the three counties that made up Miami Metropolitan Area. It is seventh largest county in terms of area of 1322.8 square miles. The urbanized area of Broward County occupies 427.8square miles of land.

Why should you need Impact Windows in Broward?

Broward County is coastal area and gets 63 inches of rain per year. Averagely, there are 247 days of sunny days per year and have some kind of perception (rain, snow, sleet or hail). The hottest month of Broward is August having temperature of about 91 Degree. Humidity is on air in this county and is at its peak in summer. Broward is one of the warmest county in the whole Florida.

In 1950, the Hurricane King cause a lots of damages as it was the most severe hurricane that hit this county. On August 24, 1992, Broward County suffered a loss of $100 million due to Hurricane Andrew, which caused a huge disaster leaving most of its residents homeless. Moreover, On October 24, 2005 Hurricane Wilma hit the South Florida and damaged almost the entire area. And caused almost universal power outages. At that time, Broward experienced about 100 mph wind speed, enduring about 5 hours. To avoid all of these climates changes, you need to use Impact Windows and Doors.

Impact Glass Windows and Doors:

Impact windows and doors are the impact resistance glass windows, which is strongest than ordinary glass windows and doors. These windows are made up of two glass sheets with a space between them that make them more durable.


  • Increase Security of your Property:

To live in this type of region it is compulsory to make sure that your property is secured and able to withstand hurricanes and storms. Using ordinary glass in your house is not safe as it broke down in a hurricane and lowers the pressure inside the house and causes the roof to blew up. The only thing that can make your house safe is Impact Windows and Doors. These windows will provide a strong resistance to wind, rain, debris, thunderstorms and hurricanes.

  • Enhance Energy Efficiency:

These Impact windows and doors can increase energy efficiency as they are good at insulating your house, keeping it cool in summers and warm in winters.

  • Reduce Noise Interruption:

These impact windows and doors will reduce the interrupting noises coming inside your home. These glasses won’t let you disturbed by outside’s world.

  • Avoid UV rays:

These windows can keep you save from damaging effects of Ultra Violet Rays of sun.

  • Boost Curb Appeal:

These windows and doors also save you from the invasions, instead of breaking they’ll only show a spider web pattern.

So get your Impact Windows and doors and enjoy a safer  and easier life.

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