Learn The Importance Of Impact Windows And Doors In Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County is a barrier island that experiences hurricanes, tornadoes, and storms. With Palm Beach County highly susceptible to hurricanes, the authorities ask residents to be ready for the worst and evacuate the island before storms, notwithstanding forecasts and predictions.

Over the years, hurricanes have resulted in deaths, flooding, and property damage through both low and high impact from objects in the storm, leaks, and mold. Living in a hurricane-prone area requires you to protect any investments you have made there before hurricanes hit.

We get to examine how impact doors and windows help you save your monthly expenditure.

Do you Get Insurance Discounts for Impact Windows and Doors in Palm Beach?

Florida has a statute that demands insurance companies to include discounts on insurance payments for properties wind mitigation installations that reduce or limit the aftermath of windstorms. This statute applies to all counties in Florida.

Impact windows and doors serve this purpose and should earn you insurance discounts and reduce your premium upon installation. Homeowners in hurricane susceptible areas get up to 45% discounts on insurance premiums for wind mitigation upgrades, with proof. Impact doors and windows also qualify you for rebates.

Requirements for Insurance Discounts

After installing impact windows and doors, you should consult your insurance provider or look up the Florida Wind Insurance Saving Calculator to apply for discounts on your insurance premiums.  Conditions for discounts can vary depending on your insurance provider. Some are generally applicable. These include;

  • You have to issue your wind mitigation inspection report conducted by a representative from your municipality for review by your insurance provider, showing key features of the installed impact windows and doors to ensure you get discounts proportional to your investment.
  • The insurance discounts do not apply to installations on mobile homes.
  • To qualify, all entrances and openings in your home or construction should have impact doors and windows.
  • The discount in insurance only applies to the type of wind damage stated in your insurance policy as a homeowner.

Reducing your insurance payments by installing impact windows and doors helps you reduce your monthly expenditure.

Savings from Electricity Bills

Standard windows and doors allow heat from outside to get into the house during summer and allow warmth to escape the house during winter. Impact doors and windows have a low emissivity, saving warmth during winter and ensuring the home is cool during summer.

With this measure, you do not need to use electrical gadgets like fans or heaters to regulate temperature, which gives you savings on the electricity bill due every month.

Bottom Line

Florida has higher insurance rates than other states, which apply to Palm Beach County. Homeowners in Palm Beach County can take advantage of the sizeable insurance discounts that come from installing impact windows and doors, as well as the myriad of benefits that you get from insulating your home or business premises from damage by hurricanes. Impact windows and doors are initially costly but save you a lot of money in the long run.

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