Going Solar In Miami – Replace Your Roof With A New Roof-Solar Combo

Electricity has many adverse effects on society that have made people start finding alternatives. Apart from its price hikes, it has a carbon footprint on Earth, thereby denting the greener planet cause. Why not use the naturally renewable energy, the sun, to produce electricity. After all, Florida is called the sunshine state for a reason. Miami sun would be eco-friendlier than gas.

Why Should I Replace My Roof With A New Roof Solar Combo

Getting a solar panel with a new roof could be the best combination. Apart from having the same lifespan of 25-30 years, they come with an enormous 30% discount from some solar panel dealers. These solar panel dealers partner with roofing companies to get the best deal for you. No one makes a loss as the 30% discount is a customer acquisition cost to roofing companies. Therefore, if your roof has a lifespan of 8 years or less, consider buying a new roof and solar power. However, if not, getting solar power is still a good option.

As the world is driving towards a carbonless society, the American government has provided many incentives to use solar panels that regular electricity users cannot get. It also charges no electricity bill as its source of power is from the sun. So, what do you gain from going solar

  • Florida tax exemption
  • Federal property tax exemption
  • Federal solar tax rebate
  • Zero electricity bill.

With all these incentives, you can recoup your money in a decade or less.

Well, not only that, you are actively investing in your house by going solar. If you are planning a future house sale, going solar is going to help skyrocket its price. According to a report by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, homebuyers value solar-powered houses more than their counterparts that don’t. Houses with solar power also sell better at a higher price. Future house sales at a better price could be your reason for installing a solar panel.

What If I Don’t Have Money To Get A Solar Panel?

There are many ways to get a solar panel without having the money

  • Taking a loan: You can take a loan and repay it over some years. After all, you will pay electricity bills if you don’t use solar. You can even lease the energy and recoup your money from it.
  • PPA: Purchase Power Agreement PPA is when you get the solar panel installed in your house. Instead of having full ownership, the solar company sells its power back to you at a rate lower than regular electricity rates.

Price Of Going Solar In Miami

With 22% federal tax and other incentives, installing a solar panel in Miami is very affordable. As of November 2021, the Solar panel price of an FL solar panel is $2.69/ watts. Therefore, the gross price of a 5 kilowatts solar panel is $13450. With numerous federal and state incentives, it comes at a significantly lesser price. Going solar is the way to cut on bills in 2021.

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