Facts About Impact Windows and Doors in Miami

Miami county is located in southeastern area of the United States in the state of Florida. Miami is the home of almost 2.721 people. It is the 7th largest county in the terms of population. Most of the Miami’s population is Hispanic. It is the third largest county of Florida, with a land area of approximately 1946 square meters. It was found in January 18, 1836. The county, Miami, is the home of 34 incorporated cities and many unincorporated cities. It has 6.7% rate of unemployment.

It is a coastal metropolitan region, that’s why its climate is tropical. Most of the thunderstorms are reported in Miami than the whole United States cities. It has 61 inches of record rain per year. There is average 249 sunny days per year.

Why you should use Impact Windows and Doors?

This county has more storm and hurricane rates. The people of Miami spend most of their time in thunderstorms and heavy rain. Most of the storms are strong enough to blew up your house. In Miami, you can also spot tornadoes and water cyclones. Hurricane Andrew was the third costliest natural disaster that caused the damage of $25 billion in the county alone. After these disastrous hurricanes government changed the building code and make it mandatory for all of the residents to use impact resistance glasses in their houses to reduce the effect of tornadoes and cyclones.

Moreover, its average high temperature 89.7 degree and average low temperature is 58.8 degree.And the UV index of the Miami is 7.2.This county has average eight days per year storm rate. To withstand all of these conditions Impact windows are the best choice.

Impact Windows and Doors:

. The best thing about them is that they are made up of two glass sheet with a little space between them, that make them strongest of the all. A good Impact glass windows or doors can standby sustained winds of 140 mph and gusts of up to 212 mph.


  • Protection:

Impact Windows and Doors are great choice for the safety of your house. Impact windows can help in keeping you safe and secured from climate and robbery also.

  • Insulation:

Impact Windows and doors will insulate your house from the outward temperature effect as it keeps your house insulated.

  • Energy Saver:

These glass Windows will save your electric energy bills as they help in insulating your house lowering the need of A.C or Heaters.

  • Filter UV rays:

These windows will filter the UV rays and keep you and your loved ones save from the harmful rays emitted by suns.

  • Reduce Noise:

These windows and glass reduce noise pollution and keep you relaxed in your house.


As well as these windows and doors can help you in flourishing your property as these windows are available in different design and styles. Choosing the right Impact Windows or doors does not mean to sacrifice the dignity of your house. As you can find these Impact windows and doors in colors and styles of your choice. You will find a great variety of these Impact resistance glass windows and doors.

So living in the Miami, the best thing you can do, for the safety is to install the Impact Windows and Doors.

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