All You Need to Know About Impact Windows and Doors in Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County is located in the South eastern part of the Florida, one of the states of United States. It lies in the north to Broward and Miami county. This county was established in 1909, by splitting from Dade County. Palm Beach County is the home of approximately 1,524,560 people, making it the third most populous county in the Florida.

Palm Beach has a tropical rainforest climate, having hot and humid summers. And it has slightly dryer winter. The annual perception rate of the Palm Beach County is about 63 inches.Usually, Short lived but heavy thunderstorms are common in the wet summer season. The people of Miami have more than 2900 hours of sunlight per year.In some years, dry seasons can be quite dry and the water restrictions are imposed. Usually, in wet season dropdown is common.

Why should you need Impact windows and Doors?

You need to install Impact windows and doors to prevent the effects of the Palm Beach County’s tropical climate. As thunderstorms are common in this area, so using Impact Windows and glass is the best thing that you can do. Living in Palm Beach County, you can face hurricane, as in the 1928 Okeechobee hurricane struck, many of the Palm Beach residents lost their lives. Also cyclones can hit Palm Beach. Impact Windows and doors can help you to stand by these thunderstorms, hurricanes or cyclones. In all of the weather conditions, you and your loved ones will stay safe and secure.

Impact Windows and Doors:

Actually, Impact Glass (Windows & Doors) are made up of two impact resistance laminated glass sheets with a little vacuum space, which make them strong enough to stand by heavy storms and cyclones. Impact windows and doors comes with heavy duty frames, includes with low emissivity coating.


  • Protection:

Installing Impact Windows and doors in your property can increase protection against wind, rain, debris, storms and hurricanes.

  • Insulation:

It is not just about protection; it will also insulate your house. By keeping its temperature standard.

  • Reduce Noise Interruption:

These windows and doors in your house will lower noise interruption. It will keep you undistracted from outside world.

  • Prevent UV rays:

Impact windows also keep you safe from the dangerous effects of UV rays.


There are different types of Impact Windows and Doors, averagely a standard impact glass can withstand sustained winds of 140mph, and gusts of up to 212mph.

It is available in many styles, like single or double hung Impact Window, Casement Impact Window, Picture Impact window, Sliding Impact window, Soft light Impact window, Product Spotlight window, to increase the beauty of your property. These Windows and Doors are not only in different styles but also it is available in many colors. Just because you want a heavy duty Impact windows and Doors does not mean that you have to sacrifice the beauty of your property. You can choose any style of Impact windows and doors that fit your home style. So go and choose one that fit your style.

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