Impact Doors

Impact windows and doors can help to ensure that your home remains dry and habitable during a storm in South Florida. More than 41% of hurricanes that make landfall in the United States make some type of landfall in Florida. In addition, Florida has been affected by more than twice as many hurricanes as Texas, the next closest hurricane-prone state.

What are Impact Windows and Doors?

Impact windows and doors are different from standard doors in that they are reinforced to keep at bay impact from very severe winds, wind-borne debris during hurricanes, and heavy rain.

South Florida has elaborate and strict codes and requirements for installing impact windows and doors, as it has a history of 88 ruinous hurricanes. Coastal areas must have shutters or impact doors and windows. These regulations and codes have been proven to reduce the damage incurred from Storms.

How to Choose the Right Impact Windows and Doors

Impact doors should be installed with an equally high impact frame for anchoring. For an impact door or window to be reliable during a storm, it should have;

Durable material

Thick gauge aluminum or thick fiberglass paired with composite reinforcements and wood boosts durability and withstand scratches and dents. Aluminum helps shield water from getting into the home, simultaneously acting as an air conditioning medium. Aluminum does not rust over time, as its reactivity is relatively low.

On the other hand, fiberglass gives an excellent finishing while withstanding periodic impact without much wear or tear.

Ability to Customize

An impact door or window is meant to protect you but should complement the rest of the house. Therefore, you should look out for impact windows and doors with features that can be customized in terms of color, material, and finishing.


Impact doors and windows undergo testing with set procedures for low-impact and high-impact projectiles. Passing the test means that they are burglar-proof as they can withstand impact from attempted break-ins. Impact doors and windows are made from glass that does not shatter, ensuring security.

Handles and Locks

While selecting a lock for your impact door, go for a safety lock that cannot be breached easily. For example, you can go for multipoint locks like the sentinel 3 point lock system. A handle with aesthetic appeal should accompany the safety lock to complement the door without sacrificing curb appeal.

Compliance with Local Code

To ensure you procure durable doors, you should check that they have undergone impact resistance and slamming tests. They should have a Broward Notice of Acceptance to show that they are certified within the building codes of Florida.

Energy Efficiency

Impact doors and windows help prevent heat loss from your house during summer and preserve a colder atmosphere than the outside during winter. They allow you to save on energy bills. Their air conditioning function is due to an insulated impact glass layer, which you should look for when selecting an impact window or door.

Bottom Line

Impact doors fortify your Broward County home and have proven to be reliable in mitigating the effects of hurricanes. You can customize them to match your home as you enjoy their benefits.


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Broward county is located in the eastern state of Florida, the state of United States. It was found on April 30, 1915. In 1915, both Palm Beach County and Miami County give equal portions of land to make Broward County. The Broward County is the house of approximately 1,966,120 people. It is one the three counties that made up Miami Metropolitan Area. It is seventh largest county in terms of area of 1322.8 square miles. The urbanized area of Broward County occupies 427.8square miles of land.

Why should you need Impact Windows in Broward?

Broward County is coastal area and gets 63 inches of rain per year. Averagely, there are 247 days of sunny days per year and have some kind of perception (rain, snow, sleet or hail). The hottest month of Broward is August having temperature of about 91 Degree. Humidity is on air in this county and is at its peak in summer. Broward is one of the warmest county in the whole Florida.

In 1950, the Hurricane King cause a lots of damages as it was the most severe hurricane that hit this county. On August 24, 1992, Broward County suffered a loss of $100 million due to Hurricane Andrew, which caused a huge disaster leaving most of its residents homeless. Moreover, On October 24, 2005 Hurricane Wilma hit the South Florida and damaged almost the entire area. And caused almost universal power outages. At that time, Broward experienced about 100 mph wind speed, enduring about 5 hours. To avoid all of these climates changes, you need to use Impact Windows and Doors.

Impact Glass Windows and Doors:

Impact windows and doors are the impact resistance glass windows, which is strongest than ordinary glass windows and doors. These windows are made up of two glass sheets with a space between them that make them more durable.


  • Increase Security of your Property:

To live in this type of region it is compulsory to make sure that your property is secured and able to withstand hurricanes and storms. Using ordinary glass in your house is not safe as it broke down in a hurricane and lowers the pressure inside the house and causes the roof to blew up. The only thing that can make your house safe is Impact Windows and Doors. These windows will provide a strong resistance to wind, rain, debris, thunderstorms and hurricanes.

  • Enhance Energy Efficiency:

These Impact windows and doors can increase energy efficiency as they are good at insulating your house, keeping it cool in summers and warm in winters.

  • Reduce Noise Interruption:

These impact windows and doors will reduce the interrupting noises coming inside your home. These glasses won’t let you disturbed by outside’s world.

  • Avoid UV rays:

These windows can keep you save from damaging effects of Ultra Violet Rays of sun.

  • Boost Curb Appeal:

These windows and doors also save you from the invasions, instead of breaking they’ll only show a spider web pattern.

So get your Impact Windows and doors and enjoy a safer  and easier life.

Miami is in southeastern Florida, one of the state of United States. As it is a coastal metropolis, so it has a tropical type of climate. Miami reports more thunderstorms than most of the cities of U.S. Generally, in this county storms occur eight days per year as most of the thunderstorms are strong enough. Usually, these storms are with frequent lightning and heavy rain. Occasionally these storms can be severely damaging with straight-line winds and high hailing rate. Sometimes, the people of Miami have to face Tornadoes and Waterspouts living in their county.

Why you need Impact Windows and Doors:

Miami has population of 6,167,000 and if you are among one of those and interested in building a house or an office in Miami. Then first thing you need to consider is the safety of your property. Besides being beautiful, your property should be strong enough to save you, your family, or your fellows from its tropical climate. To make your home or office safer and beautiful, the Impact Windows and Doors are the best choices.

Impact Windows and Doors:

These Impact windows and doors are made up of double glass with a little space in between them, so this make them strong enough to survive hurricanes and storms.


  • Protection:

Impact windows and doors are the best choices in the coastal region as these windows or doors can help in keeping you safe from storms, straight-line winds, and heavy rain. It can save you also from robbery. If you use ordinary glass, then storm can break them and lowering the pressure inside the house, blew up the roof of your house. So by using these impact windows and doors, you’ll get a secure and attractive building, the one that you dreamed of.

  • Insulation:

These windows and doors will insulate your property. It will keep it warm in winter and colder in summer.

  • Prevent UV rays:

In addition, these can also save you from the effects of harmful UV rays. And help you in living a safer life.

  • Avoid Noise Interruption:

In addition to protection, they help better insulate houses and Impact glass windows and doors will avoid noise interruption by reducing unwanted noises from the outside. And help you in living a pleased life at your house.


These impact windows can make your building flourish as these are not only safe as well as beautiful. As these Impact glass windows and doors are available in lots of different designs having multiple color variety. You can find these impact windows and doors of a design that fits you the most.

Just go and buy your Impact windows and doors from your nearby shops. Get your deal done instantly, and place your favorite impact windows and doors in your house or in your office. Use Impact windows and doors and save your property from natural disaster as well as man-made losses and enjoy a joyful life at the beautiful coastal region, Miami.

Palm Beach County is a barrier island that experiences hurricanes, tornadoes, and storms. With Palm Beach County highly susceptible to hurricanes, the authorities ask residents to be ready for the worst and evacuate the island before storms, notwithstanding forecasts and predictions.

Over the years, hurricanes have resulted in deaths, flooding, and property damage through both low and high impact from objects in the storm, leaks, and mold. Living in a hurricane-prone area requires you to protect any investments you have made there before hurricanes hit.

We get to examine how impact doors and windows help you save your monthly expenditure.

Do you Get Insurance Discounts for Impact Windows and Doors in Palm Beach?

Florida has a statute that demands insurance companies to include discounts on insurance payments for properties wind mitigation installations that reduce or limit the aftermath of windstorms. This statute applies to all counties in Florida.

Impact windows and doors serve this purpose and should earn you insurance discounts and reduce your premium upon installation. Homeowners in hurricane susceptible areas get up to 45% discounts on insurance premiums for wind mitigation upgrades, with proof. Impact doors and windows also qualify you for rebates.

Requirements for Insurance Discounts

After installing impact windows and doors, you should consult your insurance provider or look up the Florida Wind Insurance Saving Calculator to apply for discounts on your insurance premiums.  Conditions for discounts can vary depending on your insurance provider. Some are generally applicable. These include;

  • You have to issue your wind mitigation inspection report conducted by a representative from your municipality for review by your insurance provider, showing key features of the installed impact windows and doors to ensure you get discounts proportional to your investment.
  • The insurance discounts do not apply to installations on mobile homes.
  • To qualify, all entrances and openings in your home or construction should have impact doors and windows.
  • The discount in insurance only applies to the type of wind damage stated in your insurance policy as a homeowner.

Reducing your insurance payments by installing impact windows and doors helps you reduce your monthly expenditure.

Savings from Electricity Bills

Standard windows and doors allow heat from outside to get into the house during summer and allow warmth to escape the house during winter. Impact doors and windows have a low emissivity, saving warmth during winter and ensuring the home is cool during summer.

With this measure, you do not need to use electrical gadgets like fans or heaters to regulate temperature, which gives you savings on the electricity bill due every month.

Bottom Line

Florida has higher insurance rates than other states, which apply to Palm Beach County. Homeowners in Palm Beach County can take advantage of the sizeable insurance discounts that come from installing impact windows and doors, as well as the myriad of benefits that you get from insulating your home or business premises from damage by hurricanes. Impact windows and doors are initially costly but save you a lot of money in the long run.

Miami county is located in southeastern area of the United States in the state of Florida. Miami is the home of almost 2.721 people. It is the 7th largest county in the terms of population. Most of the Miami’s population is Hispanic. It is the third largest county of Florida, with a land area of approximately 1946 square meters. It was found in January 18, 1836. The county, Miami, is the home of 34 incorporated cities and many unincorporated cities. It has 6.7% rate of unemployment.

It is a coastal metropolitan region, that’s why its climate is tropical. Most of the thunderstorms are reported in Miami than the whole United States cities. It has 61 inches of record rain per year. There is average 249 sunny days per year.

Why you should use Impact Windows and Doors?

This county has more storm and hurricane rates. The people of Miami spend most of their time in thunderstorms and heavy rain. Most of the storms are strong enough to blew up your house. In Miami, you can also spot tornadoes and water cyclones. Hurricane Andrew was the third costliest natural disaster that caused the damage of $25 billion in the county alone. After these disastrous hurricanes government changed the building code and make it mandatory for all of the residents to use impact resistance glasses in their houses to reduce the effect of tornadoes and cyclones.

Moreover, its average high temperature 89.7 degree and average low temperature is 58.8 degree.And the UV index of the Miami is 7.2.This county has average eight days per year storm rate. To withstand all of these conditions Impact windows are the best choice.

Impact Windows and Doors:

. The best thing about them is that they are made up of two glass sheet with a little space between them, that make them strongest of the all. A good Impact glass windows or doors can standby sustained winds of 140 mph and gusts of up to 212 mph.


  • Protection:

Impact Windows and Doors are great choice for the safety of your house. Impact windows can help in keeping you safe and secured from climate and robbery also.

  • Insulation:

Impact Windows and doors will insulate your house from the outward temperature effect as it keeps your house insulated.

  • Energy Saver:

These glass Windows will save your electric energy bills as they help in insulating your house lowering the need of A.C or Heaters.

  • Filter UV rays:

These windows will filter the UV rays and keep you and your loved ones save from the harmful rays emitted by suns.

  • Reduce Noise:

These windows and glass reduce noise pollution and keep you relaxed in your house.


As well as these windows and doors can help you in flourishing your property as these windows are available in different design and styles. Choosing the right Impact Windows or doors does not mean to sacrifice the dignity of your house. As you can find these Impact windows and doors in colors and styles of your choice. You will find a great variety of these Impact resistance glass windows and doors.

So living in the Miami, the best thing you can do, for the safety is to install the Impact Windows and Doors.

Palm Beach County is located in the South eastern part of the Florida, one of the states of United States. It lies in the north to Broward and Miami county. This county was established in 1909, by splitting from Dade County. Palm Beach County is the home of approximately 1,524,560 people, making it the third most populous county in the Florida.

Palm Beach has a tropical rainforest climate, having hot and humid summers. And it has slightly dryer winter. The annual perception rate of the Palm Beach County is about 63 inches.Usually, Short lived but heavy thunderstorms are common in the wet summer season. The people of Miami have more than 2900 hours of sunlight per year.In some years, dry seasons can be quite dry and the water restrictions are imposed. Usually, in wet season dropdown is common.

Why should you need Impact windows and Doors?

You need to install Impact windows and doors to prevent the effects of the Palm Beach County’s tropical climate. As thunderstorms are common in this area, so using Impact Windows and glass is the best thing that you can do. Living in Palm Beach County, you can face hurricane, as in the 1928 Okeechobee hurricane struck, many of the Palm Beach residents lost their lives. Also cyclones can hit Palm Beach. Impact Windows and doors can help you to stand by these thunderstorms, hurricanes or cyclones. In all of the weather conditions, you and your loved ones will stay safe and secure.

Impact Windows and Doors:

Actually, Impact Glass (Windows & Doors) are made up of two impact resistance laminated glass sheets with a little vacuum space, which make them strong enough to stand by heavy storms and cyclones. Impact windows and doors comes with heavy duty frames, includes with low emissivity coating.


  • Protection:

Installing Impact Windows and doors in your property can increase protection against wind, rain, debris, storms and hurricanes.

  • Insulation:

It is not just about protection; it will also insulate your house. By keeping its temperature standard.

  • Reduce Noise Interruption:

These windows and doors in your house will lower noise interruption. It will keep you undistracted from outside world.

  • Prevent UV rays:

Impact windows also keep you safe from the dangerous effects of UV rays.


There are different types of Impact Windows and Doors, averagely a standard impact glass can withstand sustained winds of 140mph, and gusts of up to 212mph.

It is available in many styles, like single or double hung Impact Window, Casement Impact Window, Picture Impact window, Sliding Impact window, Soft light Impact window, Product Spotlight window, to increase the beauty of your property. These Windows and Doors are not only in different styles but also it is available in many colors. Just because you want a heavy duty Impact windows and Doors does not mean that you have to sacrifice the beauty of your property. You can choose any style of Impact windows and doors that fit your home style. So go and choose one that fit your style.

Based on history, Miami has a 16% chance of encountering the aftermath of fierce storms every year. A storm will pass within 50 miles of Miami’s metropolitan every six to eight years, causing significant property damage. Hurricane Andrew, the last major hurricane in Miami in 1992, cost $26.5 billion in massive property damage.

Impact windows and doors withstand adverse tropical weather, offering high-quality structural protection to buildings in case of hurricanes.

How to install impact windows and Doors

Quality installation of impact doors and windows prevents infiltration of water, which can cause toxic molding to walls and damage floors. Bad installations make your property prone to hurricane conditions.

We examine the process to install impact doors and windows professionally.

#1 Identify a licensed and Insured Contractor

Knowing local building codes and requirements helps you choose a well licensed, equipped, and insured company to perform the complex alterations and installations involved with impact windows and doors.

The contractor will process the permit for installation from the municipality on your behalf. Permit procedure involves filling the application and submitting it for approval, which takes up to 30 days for residential, up to 60 days for commercial, and final inspection by the municipality.

#2 Select the Design and Layout

Different homes and buildings have different needs within varying budgets. For instance, you can prefer impact doors and windows with an architectural appeal or simple and low-maintenance impact-resistant doors and windows.

You could consider French doors, Casement windows, sliding doors, all of which combine several features to insulate your home. Your contractor can help you select ideal impact doors and windows for your needs and budget.

#3 Plan To Clean Up After The Contractor

Installing impact windows and doors can be pretty intrusive. A lot of dust comes as residue from removing the stucco around the perimeter of the window to water-proof the final installation and from drilling holes to mount the new windows.

You cannot avoid the dust. To protect the interior, you can move furniture away from doors and windows and cover it with dust-resistant plastic during the installation. Upon job completion, you must clean up to remove the debris. Some companies, however, include cleaning in their service.

#4 Building Inspection

In Miami, impact windows and doors must be inspected to ensure the installation aligns with the Notice of Acceptance and the Florida Building Code. Inspection is done before the electrical work or framing of the project is concealed.

Ensure this inspection is done by a building inspector within your municipality, liaising with your impact door and window installation company.

Bottom Line

Depending on the grade installed, impact doors and windows protect your home or business from the fiercest storms. In addition to insulation from hurricanes, the installations come along with insurance discounts, burglar proofing, reduced energy costs, UV-ray protection, and noise reduction.

Impact doors and windows are a superb investment for homeowners who want to enhance the overall value of their property.

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