Does Your Broward House Need Roof Replacement For Solar Paneling?

When you think about solar panel installation on your roof, the installers will immediately check whether or not you need a roof replacement. Solar panel installation is a long-term commitment. These panels last for 30-35 years. During all these years, your roof bears these panels and their impact. It makes homeowners think about the roof’s well-being in the long run. So, if you are wondering whether your old roof is strong enough or do you need a roof replacement for solar paneling, you will find all your answers here.

How Old Is Your Roof?

If you have purchased a new house in Broward, then you need not think about a roof replacement. The roofs with asphalt shingles or metal shingles last longer, up to 40 years, and installing solar panels without replacement is fine.

For older homes, you need to get a roof inspection done first. It will determine how long your roof will last. If it is going to need replacement in the next 1 or two years, you can think about replacing it now.

Roof Replacement For Solar Paneling

The Cost Factor

Cost plays the most significant role while making the replacement decision. The cost of installing solar panels is around $20000. The cost of roof replacement comes around $10000. But if you install solar panels with a new roof, the total cost will be $25000 approx. You save around $5000. In addition, installing solar panels earns you tax credit and increases your savings further. So, the idea of roof replacement along with solar panel installation is cost-effective.

Solar panels have a longer life than your roof. Replacing the roof with solar panels will increase its life as solar panels protect the roof from the direct impact of weather. Also, many solar panel installers offer you a discount if you pair them together, owing to their partnerships with roofing service companies.

Solar Shingles: Can They Replace Roof?

Solar Shingles are the new shingle type that is attracting several homeowners. You can install these solar shingles in place of your roof and avoid major expenses. But you must consult an expert and find out whether solar shingles are fit for your house. First, solar shingles are expensive. Second, only a handful of Broward contractors keep them, thus charging a higher price. Also, they have been less effective in the past. So, you can rethink your decision about solar shingles.

What If There Are 15 Years Left To Your Roof?

If your roof has 3-5 years left of its useful life, you can decide to replace it easily. But if your roof is in the middle of its useful life, decision-making is difficult. You will be wasting the amount you have already spent by replacing it, and on the other hand, you will lose the potential energy savings.

Take the help of an expert and figure out whether it is in your interest or not to replace the roof now.

Final Thoughts

There are several steps between making a decision and its execution. You can decide on installing solar panels in your Broward house, but important decisions, such as roof replacement, must be made after careful thinking, based on your budget, roof size, past roof replacement, etc. In the end, a safe and energy-efficient home makes it all worth it.


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