Different Types of Florida Roofing Materials to Consider

Your roof plays a huge role in the protection of your family and your home. It prevents rain, snow, hail, wind and sunlight from penetrating through. The roof is an important layer of protection against the elements that can prevent mold growth and other problems that can emanate from the wetting of the building.

Florida Roofing

Types Of Roofs You Will See All Over Florida And Their Features:

1. Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are made of natural clay that is fired in a kiln at extremely high temperatures. They are very resistant to wear and tear and can withstand the elements. They do not absorb water and will not deteriorate when they get wet. This is a fantastic option for any home in Florida thanks to its durability, but it also comes with the highest price tag of any roofing material.

2. Metal

There are many types of metal roofs, some of which are more preferable than others depending on what you’re looking for. Copper tends to be the preferred metal roof due to its ability to withstand all types of weather and moisture conditions while also giving a modern appeal to a home. However, it is also the most expensive option.

3. Slate

These roofs are very popular because of their resistance to weather and the fact that they make homes look like historical homes. They can also be installed at a more affordable cost than other types of metal roofs.

4. Shingled Roof

This one is a relatively new type of roofing that makes use of shingles to cover the whole structure. The advantage of this type of roof is that it comes with a host of advantages; it can save you on energy bills, is moisture and fire resistant and more.

5. Concrete

The most durable of all roofing materials, concrete roofs tend to be the most expensive. While they have excellent conditions for a long life span, they do not look very appealing and can be a bit boring to the eye. But if you want something that will last a lifetime, consider a concrete roof.

6. Wood Shakes

These are popular in northern states, but can still be found in Florida, especially during the winter months when they are needed most. They offer the best of both worlds; you get the look of a modern roof without the need for maintenance and rotting problems.

Florida’s extreme weather conditions are part of what makes it one of the most treasured states in the country. The summers are hot and humid, while the winters are cold and rainy. This is why you will need to make sure that your roof can withstand these conditions. Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular types of roofs for homes in Florida because they are relatively easy to install, but they also come with a lot of issues if they aren’t installed properly.

You will also need to make sure that the material you choose has good drainage properties since water can seep into your home’s walls and cause damage. Summer heat can cause moisture to build up, meaning it might be best to choose a roof that uses standing seam metal or metal tiles that are thinner than standard tiles.

If you do not take proper measures in caring for your roof, you could see water seeping through cracks and causing mold growth which can be detrimental to the health of your family.


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