Choosing Perfect Hurricane Impact Doors For Palm Beach Homes

Living in a coastal place like Florida can be challenging for homeowners. You face storms, winds, and hurricanes from time to time. Hurricanes can disturb your life in minutes if you don’t protect your home properly. Impact doors can be really helpful in reducing the impact of damage they can cause. They are simple doors you can lock and sleep peacefully at night.

For Florida citizens living in High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ), choosing the right hurricane impact doors is important. Here is how to choose the right impact door for your home.


Hurricane Impact Doors

Considerations While Choosing The Right Impact Door

Impact doors help you to avoid any unnecessary preparation for reducing damage by a hurricane. These glass doors are special than ordinary doors and frames and can stop the impact greatly. Thus, choosing them requires special considerations, which are discussed below-

The Glass

Storms can easily shatter regular glass doors, but hurricane impact doors are different. They use a strong laminated glass with strong polymer. These glass doors withstand water, debris, and strong winds. Just lock your doors, and your home will be safe. They are available in various door and frame types.

The Frame

The patio door frame your door is attached with is very important in reducing the impact of a hurricane. Aluminum and vinyl frames are quite popular due to their durability and reliability. In addition, these frames come with insulation to keep your house safe from the outside weather. You must hire professionals to install the impact doors for proper installation, which ensures better protection and increased performance.

The Building codes

To ensure your safety, states and towns have defined specific building codes which every building or home in the town should meet. Florida Building Code has one of the most rigorous requirements. Be it your doors, windows, or building material; they should meet the building codes mandatorily.

When you are choosing the right impact door for your home, you must ensure that the impact doors you are choosing meet those requirements.

Are Impact Doors Worth It?

Impact doors are expensive than your standard products. Thus, several homeowners wonder whether impact doors and windows are worth installing in their Palm Beach homes. Here are certain benefits which make these impact doors worth every penny.

Beautiful Designs

With changing times, people are becoming more aware, and they are installing impact doors and windows. Due to increased demand, manufacturers are providing a wide variety of designs to choose from. Multi-slide doors, French doors, energy-efficient glass doors, etc., are available in the market to make your home more beautiful and safe.

Reduced Noise

To make impact doors stronger, multiple glass panes are used, which also helps in sound resistance. In addition, different technologies are used in making the glass stronger for impact doors which also stops the different sounds at different frequencies.

They Are Energy-Efficient

When you install impact glass doors in a sunny place like Palm Beach, you can benefit from it to a great extent. These glass doors are specially designed to protect your home from harmful UV rays. These glass panels keep the sun rays outside and don’t let them affect your furniture, curtains, etc. Plus, they keep your place illuminated for the most part of the day, saving you electricity costs.

Wrap Up

Impact doors may be a bit expensive than standard doors, but they are worth it. A strong home can withstand it all, and impact doors make your home strong. So, choose an expert in Palm Beach and protect your home.

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