Benefits of Upgrading to New Impact Windows in Florida

November 12, 2021by windowsanddoorsonline0

Well-made impact windows will provide your Florida home with security and prevent unwanted entry. They’re more durable and energy efficient than the average window, making them a great investment. Upgrading to new impact windows in Florida is an excellent idea if you want to make your home less vulnerable and also save money on air conditioning.

That’s why we’ve put together this post all about the benefits of upgrading to new impact windows in Florida, complete with info on what impact windows do for your home, how much they cost (and how much you’ll save), and when the best time is to upgrade.

Impact Windows

Here are the benefits:

1. Energy Efficiency

Well-made impact windows are more energy efficient than the average window. The average window lets 70% of the heat and 80% of the cold out, while well-made impact windows let out around 75% of the heat and 75% of the cold. That means you’ll save a lot on your energy bills, so upgrading to new impact windows is a great investment if you have an air conditioner – even if you don’t have a high-efficiency one.

2. Noise Reduction

Well-made impact windows sound much nicer than the average window, and they’re less noisy because they shut better. That means you’ll hear less noise when you walk around the house, which makes them ideal for bedrooms. If you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep, upgrading to new impact windows is a great idea.

3. Overall Appearance

When installed correctly, impact windows actually make your home look nicer. Glass windows are beautiful to look at, but they can sometimes make your home look smaller than it is. Impact windows look similar (and they’re more secure), but they’re made of metal, which makes them perfect for upscale homes.

4. Home Protection

Well-made impact windows are ideal for homes with children and pets, because they’re much more secure than the average glass window. Without impact windows, you can’t lock your windows. But impact windows come with locks that only family members can open… so your children and pets are safe. We can’t stress enough how much impact windows upgrade the security of your home. With glass windows, someone can easily break a window and gain access to your house. But with impact windows, it’s nigh-impossible to get in without a key or a crowbar. That makes them perfect for protection from burglars and intruders, especially if you’re home alone at night.

Impact windows have a lot of benefits, and they’re a great investment for your home. That’s why we recommend you upgrade to new impact windows this summer. It’s the perfect time to do it, because it’s not too hot or cold outside.

Installing new impact windows is one way to make your home more secure and comfortable…..and they’re ideal for homes with kids and pets, because they prevent unwanted entry and keep your family members safe and secure at all times. This article is here to help you, so let’s take a closer look at the benefits of upgrading to new impact windows. You’ll find out if this is something you should be considering for your home.


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